Better Parcel Sending Options for You

Customs, choice of vehicle, dimensions of the package or pallet, delivery times, costs, terms of return, weight-to-volume ratio: there are many factors that a company must take into account when making international shipments. Potentially there are critical elements especially for those production activities that, due to their medium-small size the majority in USAcannot use a transport logistics department. Because it is an increasingly globalized and expanded market, it is essential to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests.

The main difficulties in national and international shipments

As long as the goods to be shipped are the size of a medium-small parcel (the so-called “parcel”), we turn to the courier usually used, which will apply the list prices. But how do you deal with a large volume shipment?

A first problem is given by the choice of the most suitable carrier: plane, truck or container, because depending on the means change the costs, delivery times and also the type of packaging required for some categories of goods, such as products classified as hazardous ( for example, lithium batteries, paints and solvents, spray cans). It is the cheapest way to send a parcel to USA.

Another critical factor – as regards international shipments – is customs: not only because we have to take into account duty procedures (including the customs classification, which determines the amount to be paid), but also because some types of goods are requests for import licenses, necessary for example in Brazil and the USA to send cosmetic products.

Of no less importance is the negotiation of the terms of surrender, which represents a fundamental point in the contracting phase for the shipment of goods: codified by Incoterms, the terms of surrender establish with precision on who burden customs and insurance costs and responsibilities for every phase of the shipment.

How to avoid waste

In shipments, both national and international, the weight / volume ratio of the goods significantly affects the cost and is closely linked to the type of packaging to be used, which must at the same time preserve the goods and also be economically advantageous. Furthermore, always in relation to the packaging, it is appropriate to identify each time the best transport line: for example, choose to ship with a pallet or in boxes depending on whether the goods should travel in cargo or passenger aircraft. Now you can also Parcel tracking from UK for that.

Shipping everywhere

With the exception of war zones, it is now shipped everywhere in the world, but it must however be taken into account that in some non-European countries the shipment can stop at the airport or the port, due to the lack of correspondents on site.

And the costs?

For a company, it is difficult to carry out an analysis of both the customer’s needs and the potential offered by the couriers on the market, with the result that we always rely on a single courier, which however could not guarantee the best price for each specific shipment.